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If the block is attached to the bottom of the swivel, it turns with the foil, and the job. The top of the swivel does not turn.  That's what makes it a swivel...

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You will be attaching a block to the swivel. It does not turn when the foil and sail is furled. Therefore, you will have that halyard wrap around the foil.

Do you get it?

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   My plan is to attach a small block at the location that the head of the second sail would be normally attached to and the second small block at the location where the tack of that sail is normally secured.  The continuous halyard will be looped through those two blocks. Unless I am missing something, both of those attachment points rotate with the foil, otherwise the sail itself would be wrapped. When the sails are rolled, the halyard will be buried under the sail.  I believe that the Ballooner that I have is a fair amount shorter than the hoist available so I should have room for the blocks and for tensioning. 

   If for some reason this solution does not work out, I want to look into the cost of upgrading the furling system with a new foil and add the locking device.  

   I am cutting the trail ing tails off of my posts but leaving the one immediately preceding to help with context.  If that is a problem, someone let me know.

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If I understand you correctly, to hoist the second sail, you will have a block somehow attached to the swivel with a continuous loop halyard that you will somehow tie off in the top of the furler.

That block is going to remain stationary while the foil and the sail turn while furling and unfurling. If I understand you correctly, I see wrapping of that halyard around the foil and between the block and the top of the sail and probably halyard failure. 

Maybe you could attach the block to the foil somehow, but I see big problems there.

Maybe I don't understand you.

Bil l Rouse
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