Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] New sails

James Alton


   I am unfortunately not on my boat, however as I recall, on the bottom of my swivel are two eyes that line up with the two grooves in the furler.  These two eyes are the attachment points for the heads of my headsails.  One of will be used in the normal way with the head of my 150 lashed or shackled to it.  The remaining free eye which the head of the ballooner would normally be attached to if hoisted with the 150 is where I plan to hang the top block.  This should place the lift point directly above the slot in the foil for the ballooner.  


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If the block is attached to the bottom of the swivel, it turns with the foil, and the job. The top of the swivel does not turn.  That's what makes it a swivel...

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