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You really get a SM to tack through 90 degrees measured by COG?  Wow!  Who’s your sailmaker?  That’s a COG tacking angle I’d expect from a J-105!

What apparent wind angle do you have to pull to get that, and how do you do it?

In normal sea conditions, I expect to hold 35º to 37º to the apparent wind, which gives us about a 50º+/- angle to the true wind, but we haven’t counted for leeway yet, so I normally think I am doing well with 102º to 105º change in COG on a tack. If I get to 110º in small seas I know I am getting sloppy on my sail trim.  My autopilot tweaks the course while beating to optimize VMG, and it always settles down very close to those numbers--if the seas aren’t too rough.

In perfect conditions (10-12 knots true, flat water) I can pinch a little more out before the keel stalls and I start going sideways.  I’ll expect to get a little better with new sails, but nothing like what you see.

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Hi James,

There are lots of messages in here about inner forestays...and pictures.
Ours was factory installed and is a furler on a permanent stay at the top spreader with dyneema running back stays. The furler is anchored fwd of the windlass to a 13mm SS plate under the deck that runs under the deck from the windlass to the bow fitting.
I'll try post some track pics from Maxsea that show the 90 degree tacks !
Elyse SM437

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