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Hello all,

As part of a repair and upgrade to our jib furler we replaced the furling drum with the new style two piece drum. (Note:  Don't make this change for fun. The new unit is better designed than the old one, but it is NOT a drop in replacement. Significant engineering and machining required!)

Salvaged from the old unit, and not usable in our new one, is the stainless pin that pulls up to disengage the drum and foil from the motor and transmission so you can furl manually with a line wrapped around the drum.

This is both the pin, and the housing that contains it that screws into the furling drum. Fully functional, the spring is good, no corrosion.  The previous owners of Harmonie were sticklers for maintenance and kept everything lubricated as it should be.

First person to raise their hand gets it for the cost of shipping from Florida.

Bill Kinney

SM#160 Harmonie

On the Hard in Fort Lauderdale, Fl

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