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Hello Bill & al,

We did something different; we installed a second independent “sea chest” serving the needs of AC, genset and Dessalator.  As our new AC is Webasto, it needed significantly more water.  So we went for a 2 inch feed from the hull and sized the feeder pipes according to the manufacturer recommendations for each service.

We also removed the Original “seachest” sea cock and to my amazement, the hole had been wilfully partially obstructed to reduce the entry size to .75 inch…. 

New components are SS except for the water strainers which are bronze if I recall (I’d have to look).  We also added a 1 1/2 inch connector line with shut off valve to ensure feed to the main engine should its strainer become blocked.  The work was done in Majorca by Peter Kuklok, (Yacht Concept Majorca) the best marine engineer I’ve ever met.

We now have a fully safe dual system.

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Bill from BeBe has posted some very helpful information about the raw water manifold in newer model SM's. For those of us with older boats, the arrangement is quite different, and in most ways a lot simpler.

If you haven't gotten the memo, and you have an older boat, be sure to inspect this system carefully.  Joel Potter has pointed out that some older boats have had significant corrosion issues with this Amel manufactured copper piece. It would really ruin your day if it failed offshore!

In our current haulout, I completely disassembled the raw water system, and was lucky enough to find everything in excellent order.  If you have an older SM, take a look here: 

Raw Water Manifold Inspection

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