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I had the rudder down on our Maramu last spring
due to cracks & poor repairs done when the one of the previous owners replaced or repaired the rudder shaft following a hard rounding (pure guess work as we do not have any history for the vessel).

Step by step on how we did it on the hard
- lift up the boat so as you have at least an additional 60 cm ground clearance to allow the rudder to slip down
- shore up (vwith wooden block Under the rudder to support
- remove pilot link on rudder lever in cabin
- remove clamping bolts & nuts (3 x 10mm) on the square section top of shaft; grounding straps off; Watch out for shims on square section
- unbolt center support on rudder blade (called femelot in french); when bolts are unscrewed both flanges will open up on their own free will; do not cut grounding cable (SSB) linking to copper plate
- unbolt clamping bolts & nuts (3 x 10 mm)  on base of rudder blade (called crapaudine in french);
- support weight of rudder slipping lever beam Under, & remove wooden blocks supporting the rudder. Bring down slowly supporing by hand (two strong men can hold with ne assistant to guide).
- rudder laid down on ground you will be free t inspect & check for cracks & faulty repairs (ours was stuffed with gel coat resin & fiber to fill in around SS shaft )
- do all necessary repairs using proper methods (clean down to sane material, & rebuild using resin fiber cloth before protecting)
- take advantage to check main hull on skeg for cracks wher half hulls were assembled together (weak point on old boats can genertae cracks and water ingress if damaged)

Then you will have to reverse actions to mount back in hull ...
another story requiring patient adjusting when bolting the 'Femelot' & the 'Crapaudine', to match 2 x 3 bolt holes, & to cut to length when securely fastened.

final step will be to replace packing on top of shaft; screwing on delrin nut after each navigation until well tightened (not too much !).
check bolts on square section regularly, they come unfastened with rudder motion if not checked.

Hope this helps
fair winds 

christian alby - Maramu 168 Désirade VIII - Canet South of France

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Many thanks Joel for the precious and comforting information. 
Still waiting some kind sailor who can give us suggestions for rudder dismantling. 



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No, the rudder is designed to be full of water to add a dampening effect. It is normal for it to pee like a cow on a flat rock. If it does not, you might have a problem.  Make sure the exit hole is not corrupted with marine growth. As you use the boat and have occasion to look under the water line, it is a good idea to have the appropriate tool to be sure that this exit hole is free and clear.  Properly sized Philips head screwdrivers works well for most of us. Insert it into the drain hole and give it a 360 degree exercise.
When I give the Amel School to my buyer clients, this is addressed as it is so very important that sea water has easy in and out movement from the rudder.
Please, sellers, spend a few days with the new owners of your now sold boat to pass knowledge along that will ensure the survival of the brand . This is for the common good. Trust me…
Please feel free to call me if you need a solid explanation about this.
Joel F. Potter/Cruising Yacht Specialist LLC
954 462 5869 office
954 812 2485 cell
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Good day.
We put the sm2000 on the hard and found on hauling the boat out large quantity of water flowing from the hole on bottom of the rudder. Shouldn't be a cap on the hole ?
Secondly we must service the rudder because of some cracks on the surface.
We need your advice for dismantling the rudder. We never did it before, so will appreciate how to proceed.
Thanks for your help.

SM2000 Ocean Bird #468
In Linton Bay, Panama

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