Electronics Needs

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With some major blue water cruising planned for later this year
I am currently looking to fit the following in my SM2000.

I have tried Amel's electronics installers but had no response.
I am looking for recommendations / advice from members on the
following as electronics is not my bag.

SSB Radio

a) the best radio to go for ( UK licence )

b) type of aerial to use and where to locate it

Satellite Phone

What make/ type to go for in terms of features, charge rates - is it the 'Mini M' ?

F/wd facing echopilot - through hull sonar

In members experience how good/effective are these ? Best to go for ?

2nd Raymarine ST7000 Autopilot

to include, fluxgate, computer, rotary chain drive, control panel, and rudder angle with switch to ensure both systems cannot be on at same time.

In members experience do I need to go for this second autohelm; how reliable is the principle ST7000?

My need for internet and e-mail at reasonable speed is also critical in the above considerations

Any help on some or all of the above will be much appreciated.

Frank Newton
Boat # 321

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