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Steve Morrison <steve_morrison@...>

Thank you Bill. Was this an original Amel cover I assume. I don't think I have seen any hint of that on board though if someone has a picture, or a link to some, I'd be curios to see what this cover looked. 

Also, I'll throw another phot out with a few more mystery bits. Any idea what these are?

Along with these, I am wondering about the function of a roughly 6' length of stainless rod with a dull point at one end and a looped handle at the other. It seems to have a factory original storage slot in the lazarette. 

SV Tourai

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As a new SM owner (2003 #380) looking into replacing the standing rigging, I can't figure out the function of the swage fitting (ring a couple feet up) on the mizzenmast shrouds. Can anyone explain it's function? I feel certain it has one. More importantly, should I replicate it on new shrouds?

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SV Tourai

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