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Now it makes sense all round… if I had a stash of 9 worn out wearing out bearings, I’d be in line at the lathe right behind you!   :)


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Bill ,

I was thinking of taking down the bearing .5 mm and use a seal 1 mm smaller. I am sure a .5 mm difference in the seal will make no difference.

This would be a one shot deal for each bearing. I think I have 9 used ones.

I think I will give it a try and see what happens.

Fair Winds


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Turning down 1mm in diameter seems like it would work, if it makes sense for you. 


Seals are available in the smaller shaft size (44/65/8 instead of 45/65/8).  I haven’t seen seals in 1/2 mm increments in this size range. Do they exist?


With 1mm steps, it seems like one turndown might be all you can get though…  the wall thickness of the seal bearing area on a new wearing out bearing I have is 2.55 mm.  Going down to a 44mm seal size would leave you with ~2.0mm.  Is 1.5mm OK?  How about 1.0? My gut says 1.5 is too thin, but there is not any hard engineering rational behind it.


At some point it must get too thin, but I don’t know how decide how where that is… There certainly isn’t a lot of stress on the part, but seals can be fussy about things moving around in ways outside design parameters.


My thoughts (and they are worth every penny you paid for them!) is that it would get too complicated for me. I don’t want to stock multiple sizes of seals and wearing out bearings, and make sure I don’t mix them up.  I keep two sets of spare seals and sleeves, and one spare wearing out bearing, and I am thinking I am good to go for the foreseeable future.





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