Leaking Fuel Tank


Yesterday I left the boat for several hours for a Thanksgiving day with family. On returning to the boat I found my nearly full tank of diesel all in the engine room/bilge. Fortunately, the original bilge pump broke a few days ago, Maud has parts on order, and I have not yet installed a back up, so an environmental disaster was averted. I had manually pumped out the bilge/grey water just before leaving the boat, so it was almost all clean diesel. I pumped it through the Racor filters back into the tank. When the level was down so I could see what was going on, there was a steady stream of diesel entering the engine room at the floor level in the far forward starboard corner. That is where all the large battery cables run starboard towards the battery box. This morning all the diesel is back in the engine room. Fortunately there is no diesel odor in the main cabin, attesting to the integrity of the watertight compartments in the Amel.
Some assumptions I am making that I would appreciate confirming, or correcting.
I assume the tank has only the openings on the top, and one outlet at the bottom that goes to the Racor filters. If this is true, I must have a leak in the tank, or possibly a leak in the outlet pipe at the bottom, that is presenting itself just forward.
If I have a leak in the tank it must come out to be repaired. Is it possible to remove the tank in one piece out  through the engine room hatch? Has anyone ever done that that can offer advise such as what to remove, how the tank is secured in the boat, etc?
Any advise is very much appreciated,
Amel 54 #31
currently in St. Thomas, USVI

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