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I write this email with a "heavy heart" because as a new owner of a Super Maramu, you have had one of the worst experiences that I know of. I am certain that you will leave this experience in your wake as your Super Maramu takes you to some amazing places in the world.

That said, I have to say the following because I also am pissed off. Your "expert mechanic" is somebody who thinks he is really smart, claims to know Amels, and is a member of this group, even though he does not own an Amel. He has again screwed things up for another Amel owner...this time it was your turn.

He has supplied you with a wear bushing that was made by someone other than Amel. While attempting to remove the 3 lip seals, he has scored/scratched the inner wall of the cavity that the outside of the lip seals "seal-to," and amazingly scored/scratched the roller bearing.

The cavity walls should be completely smooth and coated with waterproof grease before you begin to press the seals in place. I use emory cloth to clean the cavity wall each time I do the job, but, all I am removing is salt residue and debris. Hopefully the team at Amel Martinique will have a solution for the extremely poor installation attempt made by this extremely poor excuse of an Amel mechanic. 


I will not post the name of the person who performed this work for David, but if anyone wants to know who this person is, write me at svbebe"at" In my opinion, he should be avoided in the brokerage of Amels and the maintenance of Amels. I am sure that some will differ with my opinion, and my opinion could be wrong.

I am not sure why anyone would buy a wear bushing from any source other than Amel. It is 149.80 euros from France and 30% more if you pick it up at Amel Martinique. We all are going to find reason to order from Amel and we all should have on hand at least 1 set of everything needed for wear bushing service and bow thruster service. I normally have 2-3 sets. Plan your parts orders so that they are less frequent and you will save on shipping costs.

Does Amel make a profit on these parts? I certainly hope so and I hope that it is enough profit and enough of us order from them so that they will continue supplying parts for as long as we own our boats. Everyone, please consider this when you look to save a few bucks!


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On Sun, Nov 27, 2016 at 4:18 PM, David Vogel dbv_au@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

Thanks Ric - I'll keep that in mind if this attempt doesn't work out OK.

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