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The outhaul shaft can be a nightmare.

Check it out as soon as possible.

Fair Winds


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Thanks Eric.  Had not considered the  outhaul shaft before.  Good advise.  

Ben Driver

La Bella Vita

SM #347

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Hi Ben,

I installed small nylon bolts on each gearbox and the Main furler and outhaul .

On the gearboxes I drilled and tapped them on either sided.

One high and one low. I pump grease into the gearbox on the low side and when it comes out clean I stop.

I use the grease gun adapter for the Autoprop to insert the grease.

I chose the small nylon bolts over the grease nipples as I could see the grease flowing out of the gearbox , and in addition I do not have any corrosion problems.


With the genoa the holes are on the same side (port)  and if you look at a drawing of the gearbox you will see

Where to put the holes. I do this twice yearly.


In addition I remove the outhaul shaft and coat it with high temperature waterproof Neva-Seize grease.

I do this twice yearly.

The outhaul shaft is especially important as if it gets stuck it is a royal pain to get out.

I also sanded down the outhaul key on the shaft a few thousands of an inch.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376



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Hi Ben,

soon after we bought Ocean Pearl (8 years old) we had horrible screeching from the furler. Anyone in the cabin when it was activated jumped in fright at the noise. I investigated and found the grease in the gearbox had gone hard and was at the peripheries and not on the gears. Like you I found no lubrication system. I pioneered putting grease nipples in the side of all three furler gearboxes, main furler, outhaul and genoa furler. This can be done in situ with care. I put grease nipples in. Others have put removable plugs. Either works and I regularly add a few pumps of grease. End of problem. I did a post at the time with details and photos.

If you want details of how to do it in situ let me know and I will give details. It is not difficult. However some time it would pay to dismantle the gearbox to remove the old grease. Another furler noise problem. I had high pitched noise this year from the genoa furler. I had the fore stay down for another reason and took the opportunity to recoat the forestay liberally with grease ala Amel. No more noise. So simple. I used a full grease cartridge. Logically we should expect to do this periodically as the grease will not last forever.



SM 299 Ocean Pearl


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Hi Ben:  


When my SM #335  was 2 years old (now 13 years ago), my main sail furling gearbox did the same thing.  It turned out to be a broken shaft on the motor.  I can only assume that misalignment caused flexing loads on the shaft and it broke cleaning through.  The rough ends of the shaft inter-digitated enough that the drive still worked but a a slower than usual speed and with loud metal-on-metal screeching.  I wasn't there for the replacement as I was in Ft. Lauderdale at the the time but Joel's maintenance tech at the time, Ray Eaton  who is now deceased, took care of the replacement motor for me.  I recall that he said it was the first time he had seen that failure mode.  


Wish you all the best Ben. 




Gary S. Silver

s/v Liahona,  Amel SM #335   July 1, 2001,  Puerto Del Rey Marina , Puerto Rico


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