Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Potential Main furler problem

Alan Leslie

It seems reasonable that IF you put a grease nipple on the gearbox, you need another hole to let out the old grease, otherwise you'll blow the seals
Seems to me though  that using grease is always going to result in the same issue.
The grease gets thrown away from the gears as they rotate....
Also seems to me that the box would be better off filled with SAE90 gear oil, that way the gears would always be lubricated.
I note that the last gearbox that I got from Leroy Somer had on the name plate "lubricated for life". I assume that is because it is filled with oil?
I haven't taken it apart to check, but it wouldn't be difficult.
Elyse SM437
sur la terre

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