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Your electric heating element inside  the water heater has developed pin holes. Water enters the pin holes and causes a ground fault. The element needs replacing. Be sure to get a new element gasket when you get the element, or material to make a gasket.

You do not need to remove the water heater. Turn off the fresh water and open a tap to bleed the pressure. When you remove the element about 20 liters of water will come out and will drain to the gray water sump. I suggest that you use a wet-vac to vacuum the rest of the water out. It is also normal to see some rusty water. Do not be surprised if you find some pieces of plastic wire ties. I am told the manufacturer uses these wire ties in the assembly, although it seems strange for them to be there. I have seen this several times.  These elements have a life of about 5-7 years.

Let me know if you need more information.

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Hello Peregrinus,

I had the same symptoms when the heating element burnt out.  I suggest you start with this.

Fair winds,

Jean-Pierre Germain
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Hello, this morning when I turned on the water heater, the boat immediately lost 220V power.  When one depresses the 220V panel water heater, two things happen at the same time:

1.  The RCD device at the dock kills power to all 4 boats that use the same column.

2.  The RCD device we installed in the engine room for all incoming shore power also triggers at the same time.

None of the above happens when power is re-enabled and consumers are turned on, except if one again turns on the water heater.

No actual breakers inside nor outside the boat are triggered.  For example, the dock-side 10A breaker does not trigger.  Only the RCD device protecting all 4 breakers for all 4 boats.

What do you think?  Thanks in advance,


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