Maramu cockpit canopy

Graham Cresswell <grahamjcresswell@...>

We're fairly naive Amelers and we've just noticed for the first time the sound of water sloshing from side to side in the forward base of the canopy over the cockpit in our Maramu. I notice that there are six plastic plugs along the forward surface of the base of the canopy and I imagine they may be for access to bolts that attach the canopy to the main superstructure but I have no evidence for that idea. We've had torrential rain for the past couple of weeks here in Barbados and I notice that one of the six plastic plugs is loose and it's possible that the rain got through.

Does anyone have diagrams or knowledge of how the canopy structure mates with the main superstructure or any experience of water ingress to that part?

With kind regards

Graham Cresswell

S/Y Jamesby
Maramu #240

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