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That O ring is important. Possibly you can get a smaller diameter O Ring, but don't install the wear bushing without one because water will enter the C drive at this point. Something is not right with that bushing if it is too tight for an O ring.

Possibly Vladimir has a new wear bushing in his spares that he could loan you and you could order a new one shipped to him, or maybe he will sell you one of his spares. From what you say, I am concerned about the origin and the specifications of that wear bushing. Have you used a micrometer to measure the difference in the inside diameter between old and new? If you do not have a good micrometer, buy one, you will need it for other things. Maybe Vladimir can help you sort this issue out?

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I was able to remove the new seals easily with gentle and judicious means, and have cleaned up all surfaces to remove any proud bits, and in general -
cleaned up the prop shaft as per guidance (light emery paper, shoe-shine style, to remove build-up and scoring), and the internal bore of the pressing fitting (within which the prop shaft sits).

I also made a v.light emery on the inside bore of the NEW wearing-out bushing (the one that would not fit on the prop shaft).

The new bushing can now be 'wound' onto the prop shaft using hand force only (albeit with no O-ring fitted). The new (SKF) lip-seals fit comfortably on the (new) bushing, and seem to be able to be fit nicely inside the bore.   So, hopefully, I will not need to resort to re-using the old wear-bearing with speedi-sleeves.

Today: lube-up and re-fit the new lip-seals and wear-bushing, and then put prop back on. 

Note to self: in a warm glow of self-accomplishment (and hopefully with help from Vladamir), don't forget the oil (80W-90) for the C-Drive !!!


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