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Hi Bill, Yes, I checked the dimensions - the ID of the new one was sightly smaller than the old one.  About 1/10,000's of an inch on one axis. But the old one was/is a loose fit on the shaft, relying on the O-ring to seal.  There was slight water ingress past the first seal.  And significant wearing from the outer 2 of the 3 lip-seals.  So the bearing had been changes within the recent past, I would say.
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That O ring is important. Possibly you can get a smaller diameter O Ring, but don't install the wear bushing without one because water will enter the C drive at this point. Something is not right with that bushing if it is too tight for an O ring.

Possibly Vladimir has a new wear bushing in his spares that he could loan you and you could order a new one shipped to him, or maybe he will sell you one of his spares. From what you say, I am concerned about the origin and the specifications of that wear bushing. Have you used a micrometer to measure the difference in the inside diameter between old and new? If you do not have a good micrometer, buy one, you will need it for other things. Maybe Vladimir can help you sort this issue out?

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