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Hiya Craig and sorry about your bad news. Your tank is magnificent 316L stainless steel as were all the tanks on all SM 53 and Santorins. I checked in with Olivier on this and your problem is the first either he or I have heard of a Santorin or Super Maramu with a diesel tank leak. If anyone who owns either model has had a diesel tank leak, could you please share the details?  Bill’s guess at lightning seems like a good possibility but I can say that I have supervised the restoration of at least 25 Amel boats that have been hit by lightning and never did we find  tank damage from the lightning incident. It must certainly be caused by something and your sleuthing skills are well calibrated so it will be interesting to see what you discover. These tanks are constructed of really good stainless welded by pros with the best inert gas equipment. On earlier Amel models that we have seen stainless steel tank failures on, it is usually precipitated by moisture/salt water  if on the flat bottom surfaces or oxygen deprived ‘old’ water inside the tank  if the welds are pinholed from the inside. I used to like to look at new ones at the shipyard when they came in from the supplier. Real artwork! I have an advanced welding certificate, earned in the 1970’s by AWS, so I know what the good stuff looks like, but not from looking at any of my metal melts unfortunately. Is it leaking from the bottom surface?


It should come out without any problems in one piece. Keep us posted on what it looks like when it comes out and send me a picture of the leak area, please.


All the Best, Joel

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Isn't it possible that lightening caused this?

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When it rains it pours...

The tank on my SN#68 just sprung a leak.  I haven't taken it out yet, but It appears a straight-forward job to remove and carry out to the cockpit. (not being in the engine room as the 54 must be). 

I'm guessing it's the same 5086 H111 AL, Joel, that you noted for the Amel 54. Yes? 

Also, does anyone have a schematic of the tank?  

I'm up in Vero Beach, FL and had Tank-Nicians recommended for fabricating a replacement - anyone have any experience with them or can recommend others? 


Will appreciate any suggestions.

Cheers, Craig Briggs SN#68 Sangaris

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Hi Bob. I t is considered bad form to kill the messenger bringing bad news. The tank in your boat cannot be removed without cutting it in pieces. It is made from 5086 H111 aluminum alloy. Two tanks will need to be fabricated to fit in the same space. I have confirmed this with Olivier. Sorry to have this news to give you. If you send me your email address, I can send you some free advice that will be worth much more than it costs.


Before  you Amel folks with an Amel 54 panic, there are extenuating circumstances which most probably led to the failure of the tank on this particular boat.


&nbs p;

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