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Craig Briggs

Hi Bill,
If the claim had been under my Pantaenius Yacht Policy, I'm quite sure I could have reopened it.  However, that policy specifically excludes coverage while transporting the yacht, which is when the lighting incident happened. We did take out a separate policy, also with Pantaenius, for the transport (arranged through Seven Star/Dockwise both owned by Spliethoff). As such your "yacht" is no longer a "yacht" but is classified as "Marine Cargo". All claims are subject to full depreciation ($35K of our $42K equipment damage was not covered) and you must sign off on all future claims in order to get your check. 
A word to the wise if you are contemplating shipping your boat.
Cheers, Craig SN#68 Sangaris
PS. They did cover installation costs which more than covered the equipment and I did all the work myself, so came out just fine financially. Others on the ship who had damage, but are not crazy DIY guys like me, took significant money losses.

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It is the first thing I thought of, and I think even a closed claim can be reopened.

Bill Rouse
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Hi Bill,

Hadn't thought of that, but I suppose it certainly could be. Will examine it when I remove it in the next few weeks and report back. Unfortunately, that insurance claim is closed. Maybe I'll just smoosh some JB Weld on it ;-)   

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Isn't it possible that lightening caused this?

Bill Rouse
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When it rains it pours...

The tank on my SN#68 just sprung a leak.  I haven't taken it out yet, but It appears a straight-forward job to remove and carry out to the cockpit. (not being in the engine room as the 54 must be). 
I'm guessing it's the same 5086 H111 AL, Joel, that you noted for the Amel 54. Yes? 
Also, does anyone have a schematic of the tank?  
I'm up in Vero Beach, FL and had Tank-Nicians recommended for fabricating a replacement - anyone have any experience with them or can recommend others? 

Will appreciate any suggestions.
Cheers, Craig Briggs SN#68 Sangaris

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Hi Bob. I t is considered bad form to kill the messenger bringing bad news. The tank in your boat cannot be removed without cutting it in pieces. It is made from 5086 H111 aluminum alloy. Two tanks will need to be fabricated to fit in the same space. I have confirmed this with Olivier. Sorry to have this news to give you. If you send me your email address, I can send you some free advice that will be worth much more than it costs.


Before  you Amel folks with an Amel 54 panic, there are extenuating circumstances which most probably led to the failure of the tank on this particular boat.


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