[Amel Yacht Owners] Strange Battery charging…

Alexandre Uster von Baar

Good afternoon,

During the 3 days power outage in Puerto Rico, I noted my batteries were getting weak…
Would not fully recharge.
Accidentally, I reset the Link 10… but it kept the setting, just now showing 100% instead of the 90%.

Due to the lack of wind, I mostly motor to Tortola, then drift for 6 hours to wait for customs and emigration to open, again I noted the batteries were weak (freezer compressor stop).

I have now been at the marina for a month, and something very strange is happening:

The first week, instead to get the usual charge of 0.2 amp/hour on the Link 10, I had 1 Amp hour.
The second week, was over 2 amp/hour charge
The 3rd week, I had 3 Amp/hour charge.
I thought my 40 Amp battery charger could have an issue, so switch to the 60 Amp and still higher charge.
Now I am showing 8 Amp/hour charge ?!?
So the 100% has been reach for 3 weeks and is showing an excess of 470 Amp (above my 100%) which is not possible as my battery bank is only 400 Amp (8 batteries 100 amp each, 4 x 2 in series).

I wish it could be true…
Any idea?
This weekend, going to go back to the smaller charger to see what it charges.

Thanks in advance

Sincerely, Alexandre
Harbor View Marina, Tortola, BVI

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