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The installation tool that comes with the Speedi-sleeve is not so long to push the first sleeve all the way in. How do you install the first sleeve to it propper place?

I really appreciate all information that you provide. I like this solution because it is less expansive.

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Yes, you need two speedi-sleeves.

You put on one, all the way to the shoulder, then put the second one on.  Be gentle with the 2nd one. If you are over ambitious in installation of the second one it is possible to overlap them. Other than ripping off the second one and starting over there is no good way to fix it if you go too far.  A little overlap isn’t a disaster, it occurs in a place where the seal  lips do not bear.

The total width of the seal bearing surface on a wearing-out-bearing is from the shoulder to the chamfer is…. (surprise!) 28 mm.  So two speedi-sleeves is a perfect fit.

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Speedi-sleeves are only 14 mm long. One sleave can work only with 2 seals. We have 3 seals. Do you install 2 SpeedI-sleeves?
If you install 2 sleeves, then how do you do that?

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