Re: R: Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] How long do your Hot Water Heaters Last?


The electric element on our Quick B3 40L has one long "u" resistance and one long sleeve for the thermostat.  These parts are about equally long.  The element came with an installed zinc, thicker than each of the previously mentioned functional parts, and which is about 80% as long.  

You can see its attachment point at the base of the electric element, among the bases for the functional parts.  Per the Quick manual, the zinc must be inspected once a year.  Our new element seems to have some sort of mini-gasket between the zinc and the rest of the structure: at least, there is something black between the zinc and the attachment point.  I did not attempt to remove/reinstall the zinc.

Now, when I spoke with the dealer on Tuesday, he said the zinc could not be ordered separately, whereas yesterday he said he could.  I did not place an order because I wanted to install my part to be 100% sure everything is good, but on Monday I'll see if I can just order a couple.


SM2K Nr. 350

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