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Bill, Creg,

Please explain how did you push on a sleeve after you removed a flange. SKF instructions state that you have to push on a flange.


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I think you will find that several people have installed speedi-sleeves on an Amel “wearing-out-bearing” without issue.

Some people have had good luck with them, getting longer life than from the original part, while other have not gotten any extended life from them.  I am not sure why the differences. Maybe the amount of abrasive sediment in the water they sail in?  Maybe they blame the sleeves when it is actually the seal that has failed and the sleeves are just fine.

I am not aware of anyone who has tried them who has reported they were a disaster.

If they wear out, they are easily removed and new ones installed.

They are cheaper and more readily available than the Amel original IF you are in a major industrial port.  If you are “out island” there is no real difference in availability or cost between sourcing an Amel bearing and a set of sleeves.

On my boat I have two spare bearings new from Amel, and two sets of speedi-sleeves.  The bearing in the drive right now has speedi-sleeves on it.  

Bill Kinney
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Hi Crag,

I have reviewed the instructions. Instructions are not applicable for our case.
Instructions recommend to push Speedi sleeves by the flange. It will not work for us. Because the  first sleeve should contact a bushing shoulder by it's edge after the flange is removed. That is additional 2.99 mm. Similar situation is with a second sleeve. It should contact the end of the first sleeve after the flange is removed. Both sleeves have to be pushed for 2.99 mm by force that is applied on a sleeve edge. The edges are very thin. You need a special tool that slides with minimum clerance on the outer edge of the sleeve with a step to smaller diameter that slids on the wear bushing. That tool has to be made. It will cost probubly $100.00 or $200.00. The edge of the sleeve should not be damaged during installation. If sleev's edge is damaged it can cut a seal during installation.
Perhaps Speedi sleeve option is not practical in our application because sleeve's installation has to deviat from SKF instructions. 

SM # 345

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