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I cannot answer all of your questions regarding the Bamar electric furler, but 2 wires would work fine if the relay and solenoids reversed polarity to reverse the motor. I suspect that is how it was wired.

If you have a Raymarine autopilot, the electric drive motors only have 2 wires for the motor. The autopilot reverses polarity to reverse direction.

Good luck!

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I recently swapped out my headsail boxtron unit with my staysail boxtron unit. I am replacing the staysail boxtron unit with the new boxtron e14s unit. Besides the conversion of the +/- power cables to and from the unit (from power, and to the furler motor) to new clip on connections, which is a straight forward job, there is one issue that presents itself. The old boxtron had 2 wires coming from the switch at the helm. I assume that there was an internal ground in the boxtron unit that allowed the switches to share a common ground. The new boxtron unit shows 3 wires, coming from the switches, in/out/and a common ground.

I have spoken to Paul (Bamar USA). He explained where the 2 switch wires from the old unit went, but the common ground wire shown on the wiring plan for the new unit wasn't identified. Our conversation via email left off with me needing to look at the switches in the cockpit, and revisiting the wiring after that.

If anyone has done this switch from the boxtron to the boxtron e14s? Any insight would be appreciated.

One side note:

In my conversation with Paul,( who was very helpful and forthcoming), he brought up the issue of an overheat sensor on the boxtron unit.

Apparently, the furlers that I have installed aboard do not have an overheat sensor. This, I assume would send a signal to the boxtron to shut off the motor when overloaded during use, avoiding damage to the furler. The next generation has that feature built in.

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