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Bob Hodgins <bobh@...>

I have an answer for you, as I recently did exactly the same procedure. My 54 is #31, so likely very similar to yours. When my original boxtron failed, Paul was also helpful in replacing it with the newer e14s, but the same issue of 2 vs. 3 wires was the problem he could not answer. In the original configuration, when you activated the switch, it supplied 24v to the boxtron, and depending on which way the switch was switched, it would power right or left turns. The new e14S only requires to contact the ground with either of the other leads to activate the turns. It supplies the power internally, you only need to make the contact. I think the terminals were 4, 5, and 6 in the e14S, or maybe it was 5, 6, and 7. Either way you need to contact the middle one with either of the other to make it run in one direction or the other.
I had spare relays for the bow thruster up down circuit. They are little ice cube relays that are available in most any auto parts store for less than $10. A part number is 24V-03526. Google it to find them. I installed 2 of them right in the e14 box using the 24v from the original wires, one to each relay, to activate the relay, which closes the contacts to complete the circuit for the e14s.
Pick up a ground internally in the e14s, connect it to terminal 85 on each relay. Connect one of the original power wires to terminal 86 on each of the relays. In the e14s box, connect terminal 5 to terminal 30 on both relays, and connect terminal 4 to terminal 87 on one relay and terminal 6 to the other relay terminal 87. Easy install without having to change any wires from the helm to the bow.
Bob Hodgins
Amel 54 #31
currently in St. Thomas, USVI

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