Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Companionway sliding door gasket deterioration

Paul Camp <sv_red_red_wine@...>

Joel.... no negative intent on my part.... i have as
yet to find any fault in your advice... so far you
have been able to overwhelm my ill thought out
suggestions as to how to change an almost perfect
boat.... but you can't fault us for trying to make it
even better... Sometimes a good idea comes along and
we all need to push for excellence... Paul...
--- "Joel F. Potter" <>
Hello Bob and Laurie,

I am all but 101% sure that the rubber seal strip
used at the base of the
companionway slide board is the same one today on
the Super Maramu, as it
was on the Maramu. If you describe it as above when
inquiring of Amel, they
will know what it is. You can email your request to
Colette at
in the Apres Vende Department. She speaks English
at least as well as I do.

An alternate source would be a GOOD automotive
trim/upholstery shop. I have
seen window seal strips (such as on my 1996 Chevy
Impala) that look very
much like what you seek.

Good hunting.
Joel F. Potter
Cruising Yacht Specialist
Amel's Sole Associate for the Americas

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Companionway sliding
door gasket

Shearwater is a 1984 Maramu, and we're undergoing
a huge refit, one
very small part of which was replacing the
companionway vertical
sliding door. The problem we've encountered is
the deterioration of
the rubber gasket which goes along the bottom of
the door sill, so
water running down the outside of the door goes
aft over the sill
into the cockpit, rather than into the door's
"pocket" and thence
eventually into the bilge. Any idea of where to
get the same or
similar gasket, short of trying to deal directly
with Amel? Our
prior efforts with them have been frustrating due
to the language
barrier, as well as contending with US Customs.

Bob and Laurie Wright

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