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I am changing the wear bushing, seals, and C Drive oil every two years because that is what is recommended by Amel. Also, I renew antifouling with Micron66 every two years because that is what is recommended. I do all these jobs and others every two years when we haul BeBe #387.

It has been my goal since owning BeBe to never have to work on something that is broken or worn out. My goal is to do the scheduled maintenance when it is due. It has worked for me in almost all things on BeBe.

This is what I do. I completely respect your opinion and the opinion of others. I offered my opinion and what I do and asked I straightforward question about Speedi Sleeves because I do not get the benefit, and, of course because I am the resident advocate of "The Amel Way."


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Hi Bill,

I think we can safely assume you are changing the wearing-out-bearing every two years because they are, well, "wearing out" and allowing water intrusion, or, if not yet leaking you expect them to and you're doing preventive maintenance. How paradoxical that Amel refers to this as a "wearing-out-bearing" - I'd expect "forever-bearing" would be more Amel-ish!
Anyway, as we all discussed on this thread some years ago, Captain Henri made an unusual choice by not specifying a much harder material for the application, which was the engineering judgement of SKF's seal engineer who reviewed this for me and recommended a much harder material. 
Perhaps the captain assumed owners would replace it regularly as you have, and avoid a problem. I have always gone 3 or 4 seasons and not worried about the "chocolate" oil. The Speedi Sleeves do minimize water intrusion because the bearing is not wearing out, although, of course, the lip seals have a limited life.
Let's hope that the prototype you mention was an attempt to improve on the Captain's original choice and will become available to us.
Cheers, Craig SN#68 Sangaris

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That is the VERY REASON that I have not tried Speedi Sleeves. I assume the reason for using the sleeves is to get longer life out of the wear bushing. Since I service the C Drive and Bow Thruster every two years when hauled out for antifouling, I cannot justify adding a Speedi Sleeve or two. If you add Speedi Sleeves because you want to  eliminate water intrusion, I suggest that you should review the service  procedure. When it's done correctly, there will not be intrusion.

Now, t hat said, Amel accidentally shipped what I believe is a test prototype of a wear bushing with chrome plating where the seals ride on the bushing. I have not been able to get the story behind this chrome plated wear bushing from Amel. The person who has this part is going to try it shortly, but it will probably be a year or two before he has any reportable results.

Does anyone in the Group have any inside information on this partially chrome plated wear bushing? Maybe he shouldn't try it?

Bill Rouse
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The excess sleeve that hangs over the wearing out bearing can easily be removed with a dremel tool. Takes a minute.

Also I was able to get the two sleeves to butt up against each other , Unfortunately I forgot how.

Why not just buy a few new ones from Amel they are only 149 euros each?

Fair Wi nds


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Thanks a lot for providing details. That is very important.

I do not have the sleeves yet. I am just thinking how can I install two sleeves on the bushing. The wear bushing is 28 mm long plus 2 mm chamfer. That is total 30 mm.

A sleeve with a flange is 17 mm long.&nbsp ; A sleeve without a flange is 14 mm. There will be a gap between the sleevs 1 mm or more. Totally two sleeves will cover cove 17+14+1=32 mm.

Therefore the second sleeve will cover the chamfer and overhang the wear bushing by 2 mm.

Is this correct??


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Hi Vladimir,

It sounds like the issue is that you are tr ying to push on the edge of the sleeve, which is incorrect. You must only push on the flange, never on the edge of the sleeve. No special tools needed.

You install the first sleeve with the flange side down, that is, the flange goes on first and you do not remove that flange. Again, you are pushing on the flange, not the edge. You then cut a notch in the flange of the second sleeve and then put it on again flange first, sliding it down so it is very close to the first one. Again, you only push on the flanges, not the edge of the sleeve. Finally, you take a pliers and remove the flange of the second sleeve (not the first sleeve). There will be a small gap between the two sleeves after you remove the flange - not a problem as no seals rub there.

Hope that helps,

Cheers, Craig, SN#68 S angaris


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Hi Crag,

I have reviewed the instructions. Instructions are not applicable for our case.
Instructions recommend to push Speedi sleeves by the flange. It will not work for us. Because the  first sleeve should contact a bushing shoulder by it's edge after the flange is removed. That is additional 2.99 mm. Similar situation is with a second sleeve. It s hould contact the end of the first sleeve after the flange is removed. Both sleeves have to be pushed for 2.99 mm by force that is applied on a sleeve edge. The edges are very thin. You need a special tool that slides with minimum clerance on the outer edge of the sleeve with a step to smaller diameter that slids on the wear bushing. That tool has to be made. It will cost probubly $100.00 or $200.00. The edge of the sleeve should not be damaged during installation. If sleev's edge is damaged it can cut a seal during installation.

Perhaps Speedi sleeve option is not practical in our application because sleeve's installation has to deviat from SKF instructions.

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