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Here is my best memory of how it went…

  1. On the used bearing, measure the spots where the lips of the seal rub on the bearing.
  2. Push the first sleeve on as far as possible with the tool provided.  The sleeve will need to go in further at this point.
  3. Use a piece of pipe (2 inch, schedule 80 is a good fit) to tap it in all the way.  The pipe will push the base of the flange right back to within less than a mm of the shoulder of the bearing.  My recollection is that he flange might distort a little as it comes up against the shoulder, but that’s not a problem.
  4. Remove the flange from the first sleeve as per SKF’s instructions. If is sits flush against the shoulder of the bearing you might not need to do this.
  5. Install the second sleeve using the tool provided. Tap in in until it just clears the chamfer. This is the critical dimension, not its location relative to the first sleeve.  If my memory serves, this can be done without using the pipe.
  6. Check to be sure the sleeves are properly situated relative the the locations you measured in Step 1, i.e., the lips should bear fully on the sleeves NOT on edges shoulders or gaps.
  7. Remove the flange from the second sleeve as per SKF’s instructions.

If the two sleeves overlap a little, or show a small gap it’s not a problem—the seals should not bear at that spot.

As always, when installing the seals, make sure they are well and fully lubricated.  Do this even if you are just checking the fit, you don’t want to scratch or nick the edge of the rubber lip.

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Don't send a picture with Speed sleeve, just describe in details Speedi sleeve installation process for our application.

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