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Craig Briggs

Hi Bill,
Interesting reply... just out of curiosity have you been seeing water intrusion with your every-two-years changing schedule? I'd expect it's more of a function of how many engine hours rather than just time in the water - what's your experience in that regard? I've been getting roughly 900 hours between lip seal changes, that is, about 300 hours per year for 3 years. I haven't seen Amel's recommendation, but is it every two years regardless of engine hours? If so, that seems odd. I wonder why they recommend time and not hours, or a combination. Seal changes with industrial machinery are normally specified by hours and/or visual inspection.

And, on that subject, is there a schedule for the "C" drive upper lip seal? I changed mine only when it started to leak at about 6000 hours (some 20 years). Of course, there is no soft metal wearing-out-bearing there, so you'd expect a long life.  When did you change yours (or have you)?

Regarding bottom paint, my experience for many years in the Med was that it was totally effective for three years, so I choose not to incur the expense of a haul/paint job just because it may be "recommended". Seems like a bit of a self-serving recommendation on the part of the paint company. Then again, I do go to the extra effort of diving on the bottom a couple of times a season to clean it and that may be the difference from your experience. I wonder why your paint company recommends time and not paint condition since bottom paint longevity varies considerably in different regions and boat usage. Then again, your philosophy may co-opt that in that you never want to work on worn out bottom paint. Plus your cruising kitty may be a fatter cat than mine!
Cheers, Craig, SN#68 Sangaris

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I am changing the wear bushing, seals, and C Drive oil every two years because that is what is recommended by Amel. Also, I renew antifouling with Micron66 every two years because that is what is recommended. I do all these jobs and others every two years when we haul BeBe #387.

It has been my goal since owning BeBe to never have to work on something that is broken or worn out. My goal is to do the scheduled maintenance when it is due. It has worked for me in almost all things on BeBe.

This is what I do. I completely respect your opinion and the opinion of others. I offered my opinion and what I do and asked I straightforward question about Speedi Sleeves because I do not get the benefit, and, of course because I am the resident advocate of "The Amel Way."


Bill Rouse
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