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It is not difficult to cut the sleeve down.

I Just cut it down with the side of a cut off wheel and polished the end with sandpaper then Tripoli.

I found for another hundred dollars it was easier to buy an Amel unit.

I did not see a big difference between the speedi sleeve and the Amel bearing.

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Cutting and polishing Speedi sleeves is not for a man with average skills. SKF will not recommend doing that. Sleeve's leading edge is critical for proper installation. If it is not cut and polished correctly it can damage the seals.

There are several other issues with our application of Speedi sleeves:

1. During wear bushing installation a seal has to slide through the area between two sleeves. It will have some gap. You have to be very careful during installation. You shuold not rotate bushing during installation and move it on ones. Do not put it on and off several times.

2. You have be totally sure that no sleeve is running next to the flange or between two sleeves.

Based on all above, I would not recommend Speedi sleeves to a man with average technical skills. Do not forget that you will not know that installation was bad untill you see a water in the oil. Whatever you do must be perfect with minimal chances for incorrect installation.


Chrome plated and polished wear bushings will work several times longer. That is for sure better solution. But it will be expensive. Chrome plating is environmentally bad process.
I will discuss this with a plating place in Baltimore next week.


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