Steering system.


Another question for the Amel "old timers".  This one about the steering system.

Does anyone have a link to technical information about the system used? In Harmonie's reasonably complete paperwork from her commissioning I can't find anything.  After keeping the water out of the boat, making sure I can keep steering it the way I want to go is a close second in priority. I have two specific questions:  

Is any maintenance required?  Lubrication?  Adjustment? etc?

How much, if any, "play" should there be in the system between the wheel and the rudder?


Right now I would guess there is something like 0.25º of rudder angle play.  Barely enough to feel when hand steering, but when using the chain-drive AP motor it spends more time hunting back and forth for the commanded rudder angle than I would like to see.  

In the kind of cable and pulley systems I am used to this much wiggle would be indicative of very loose and sloppy cables.  On this enclosed pull-pull system I am not sure...

Thanks for any guidance you can give.

Bill Kinney

SM#160 Harmonie

On the hard Fort Lauderdale, FL

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