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Kent Robertson

Wow! You were lucky you didn't have a fire. I don't know the charge settings for AGM batteries, but whenever you hook your new batteries up you need to monitor the 30 amp charger closely. It's entirely possible that you have a fault in your charger.  This is just another example of why it is so important to monitor your batteries closely. With AGM's I don't know how you can monitor the batteries like you would specific gravity in a flooded lead acid battery. I would like to hear about this.

Since my last battery mishap, I have quit leaving my charger on constantly while I am off the boat. I have instead hired someone to come aboard once a week to flush the Watermaker membranes and top the batteries up with a 2 hour charge.


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I just came back to my boat after three months and found that my entire bank of 12 AGM batteries melted. I had left the 30A charger running. I am in the processing of replacing them with new AGM batteries (can't get anything else where I am in Grenada). I have an Amel 54 #98 with Dolphin 100A and 30A chargers. Would someone be able to advise which is the correct charge setting I should  use on these chargers for charging AGM batteries?



S/Y Ya Fohi Amel 54 

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