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I am certainly no expert, but every Amel battery bank melt-down that I am familiar with was caused by an internal short in a single battery in the battery bank.

I think that you will find it worthwhile to purchase a digital battery tester and test yout batteries on a regular basis. There are many owners in this Group that have done that and support the concept.

Although it could be your charges or regulators, either solar, or conventional battery charger...the chances are that a single cell in one battery caused your problem. Each of your batteries has 6 cells times 12 batteries is 72 cells, so you understand the possibility!

If I had not sold BeBe, I would be looking at a thermal activated switch that would measure the temperature inside the battery compartment and turn off the charger at a preset temperature. Switches like this are used in commercial refrigeration, heating and air conditioning. Surely some technically inclined Amel owner will try this. It is especially workable since most SMs and 54s have an enclosed battery compartment.

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That is indeed something which should also be checked, but the overheating happened when the boat was out of the water so I do not think it was the cause.

Another possibility is the solar panels. I'm not sure what kind of regulators they have.


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