Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Charging AGM batteries


Bill Kinney reports his AGMs are to float at 26.6V (i.e. 13.3V).  

Trojan sternly warned my AGMs need to float at 27V (i.e. 13.5V) and not more, at 25 °C; less voltage at warmer battery temperatures.  Furthermore, my Trojans call for Bulk and Absorption at 28.8, with an absolute maximum of 29.4.

I discovered that neither of my Mastervolt chargers (100A, 30A) nor the Mastervolt alternator regulator offer factory settings that match the Trojan specifications; however, Mastervolt allows the user to use a PC (or a Mac) to program exact voltages as required by Trojan.  

I believe the same capability programming capability exists on Victron.


SM2K Nr. 350 (2002)

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Thanks for the replies. It seems that the float level of 13.6v is the general consensus. My chargers, Dolphin, which came with the boat, do not have a specific AGM setting. The nearest one is for "sealed lead" which gives 13.6v float but only 14.2v maximum whereas the West Marine website says that AGMs should take 14.7v max. So I guess I'll go with that unless someone advises otherwise.

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