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F/wd Frank Newton
Boat # 321
inquired regarding recommendations for:

" .... echopilot - through hull sonar...."

Frank: I had Amel install a Twinscope system on my SM 2000 Hull # 335 in 2001. It is
the monochrome system and even though I installed the TWINScope Display head, Amel
declined to install the larger transducer that it required. They indicated that they hadn't
done the Twinscope previously and were concerned that turbulance from the larger
transducer might interfere with the B & G sonic speed transducer system. The Twinscope
can utilize a sincel larger transducer or two smaller transducers. So Amel installed only the
vertical forward scanning transducer. I subsequently installed the second transducer (the
horizontal scanning transducer), forward of the one amel installed. It had to be further
forward on the bow to be out of the way of the 1st transducer. Joel correctly pointed out
that the risk of doing this, besides the increased drag, is the doubling of the potential risk
of tearing a hole in the boat if you stike somethin in the water.

I have found the horizontal scanning mode rather difficult to interpret. On the other hand
the vertical forward scanning mode has saved me from grounding several times. Would I
do it again?, I honestly don't know. I believe Twinscope has a color unit available now and
if I was sailing where there were more coral heads then I think I would opt for the
Twinscope, but so far I haven't found much use for the horizontal scanning mode in the
Caribbean, Western Europe, or the East coast of the US.

Hope this helps. Gary Silver

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