Re: Electronics Needs

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Frank Newton
Boat # 321

RE: Electronics suggestions:

I would recommend installing a bilge pump run-on-alarm (alarms if the bilge pump runs
for more than a programmed time limit, I use two minutes) and exhaust temperature
alarms. Both are available from ( www dot
borelmfg dot com).

I don't see the run on alarm on Borel's current web site, but if you call them I am sure they
can provide it.

The temp sensors may save you from a meltdown of the water muffler or hose/ or both if
the injector nozel becomes blocked and the run on alarm will give early warning that the
bilge is filling with water, (sooner than after the bilge pump has been running for an hour
trying to keep up), and finally falls behind.

Additional suggestions are: Electronic salinity sensor for the water maker as the
Dessalator salinity sensor DOES NOT WORK. and the Blue Sea's Digital Multimeter on the
220 volt panel so you always know your power consumption, frequency, and voltage.

Pictures of both of the last items are in the photo section under watermaker as I recall.

Regards, Gary

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