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Hi Colin, I am in Manly Brisbane if you need assistance, 0477652046

Barry & Robyn,
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Thanks Bill

I will get in touch with both Riza and Maud to see who can get me one quicker. May also try the local Mercedes parts guys here in Brisbane too, just in case.

Here in Brisbane it's full speed ahead with many boat tasks and the other projects completed today was a new water pump on the Onan, a new Quick 40L hot water system installed and a new rear bumper all of which I'm pleased to report were dead easy installs..... till the bilge pump issue! Our hot water system just needed a new element however after all the discussions here on the forum about these lasting 5 - 8 years max, and ours being a 2008 unit, we decided to bite the bullet at 8yrs age and start our cruise with a new one instead.

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I had a hard time finding that part. The gear section of the pump is identical to a Mercedes Benz wiper mechanism, but I do not know what year and model. I had someone in Turkey replace the white Delrin gear and he told me that he found it in a Mercedes parts distributor.

I heard that Maud now has this part. Check with her at SAV"at" I also heard that Riza at Emek Marin in Turkey has the part. Check with him at cagdas"at"

Good luck.

Bill Rouse
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We are just in the process of pulling our bilge pump apart right now too as the new gaskets have arrived from Amel.

Certainly from what we are looking at here Mark is correct that there are sufficient small bolts around the unit to hold the gaskets firmly in place. The important issue appears to be ensuring that the gaskets and holding plates all go back on the right way around.

Interestingly in our case the gaskets are in excellent condition but what we have now unfortunately found is a chunk of the little white cog broken with approx 5 teeth missing.  Due to this the motor turns but cannot make contact with and turn the white cog around to push the suction unit.

Has anyone else managed to fix this approx 1.25 cm gap or managed to get a replacement white cog from Amel or direct from the Italian pump supplier? We are without our computer here right now but do remember a comment some time back regarding fixing this with a drill bit which turned out well however our missing chunk is probably too large for that solution.

Any suggestions?

Colin & Lauren Streeter
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I think there are plenty of screws to form a good seal without introducing a foreign element. I replaced mine a couple of years ago and did not use any sealants. I made sure the surfaces were clean before re-assembling the pump. I have not had any problems.


Hope this helps.




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Hope some can give me a little advice on replacing the gaskets on my original Amel installed bilge pump. I have a Super Maramu Hull #207.  I have replaced the gaskets once before but have developed a leak around the gaskets and am wondering if when I replace them this time is it advisable to also add silicone or some other sealer between the gaskets and the pump.  I have ordered the replacement gaskets form Amel and am aware that they have to be installed with one side towards the water as labeled on the Gaskets.

Thank you,

Jim DeSalvo, SM#207


Colin Streeter
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