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The main breaker on the side of a SM breaker main panel is a circuit breaker and a GFS protection breaker. A short will trip it, or a Ground Fault.

Maybe you should research Ground Fault.

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The microwave breaker is a high current circuit breaker. i.e. if the current flowing in that circuit exceeds its rating it will trip.

The main breaker on the side of the 220VAC panel box is an RCD (residual current device) or ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker). These devices trip if there is an imbalance in the current flowing in the phase and neutral wires which can only mean that some current is going to ground.
If this breaker trips it means you have a ground fault in the AC circuit. If turning on the  microwave trips it, you have a ground fault in the microwave itself.
As Bill says, replace the whole unit, they are cheap enough these days !
Elyse SM437

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