Re: Ariston microwave tripping 230v panel main breaker

Derick Gates SM2K #400 Brava

Thanks all for your responses. 

Bill, I can attest to the fact that the microwave had been previously used on 60 Hz, but I am currently in Martinique and the electricity here, as you know, is strictly 50Hz, and Martinique is where the microwave stopped working.  Nonetheless the prior use may have contributed to the problem. 

Tom, it seems to trip even if the microwave is off, or off on different settings.  

I believe that Alan is correct about the problem being a ground fault, and I suspect that it is in the browning element, because that is what I was using when the issue occurred.  I have the cover off and do not see any burned or melted electronics.  I am going to do a little detective work to see if I can find which part is causing the fault, e.g. taking the browning element out of the circuit.

Currently in Le Marin, Martinique

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