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Wen you say “unresponsive” does that include the jack screw?  i.e., Does it go up and down? 

And just an addition to make this thread generic...
        Older model SM bow thrusters have no fuse, and no pin switch.

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That fuse goes inside the control box which is inside the compartment for the bow thruster. At least I think the control box is inside. You have a late model bow thruster...I am not sure if Amel located it outside the compartment on yours.

Also, don't forget the breaker on the 24VDC panel that controls the low amp side of the winches, outhaul, and furlers, also controls the bow thruster control. And, of course the safety pin and corresponding ON/OFF toggle switch near the pin (I think you have the pin and toggle switch)


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There is an automotive style fuse taped to the bow thruster.  Where does it go?  The bow thruster is unresponsive and I'm hoping that's the problem.


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