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I too have a high level alarm, but it would only sound off if the bilge pump fails and the bilge fills up. I would view it as a last resort but an important one nonetheless. I have tested it and it works fine.
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Hi Bill K.
We have a high water alarm that triggers a bell if water rises above a normal point in the engine room bilge well. Also wired to the alarm are sensors under the forward companion way floor (outside the forward head) and in the master cabin under the floor (outside the aft head). I believe all of these were installed by the previous (first) owner.
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I am curious…  our Amel has a hard-wired “high bilge level” alarm on the main 24V switch panel.  A piercing loud buzzer if the water level in the sump rises beyond normal.  It looks to be factory installed.  Was this not a standard feature?
Just as a thought, if you have ANY kind of emergency alarm like this, be sure you put testing it on your regular maintenance schedule. In my previous industrial life, I had seen a number of disasters occur when a “failsafe” switch had failed and no one knew because it wasn’t routinely used and then it wasn’t available when needed!
Of course such an alarm will not help you losing your freshwater if the bilge pump puts it all overboard.  I do wish Amel had divided the fresh water tank into two independent tanks...
We always carry 10 gallons of “emergency water” in jerry cans just in case of… whatever.  Enough to last us at least a week in extremis and I figure we are very, very, rarely more than a week away from a harbor if we really needed to get to one.
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Flooded bilge or engine room is a big problem. Your led will not help if you have a leakage of the tube running from the motor heatexchanger to the hot watermaker -what happened to an other Amel. And saltwater in the engine room is the worest . 
I put in wireless alarm for flooded water. Very easy and not expensive - combined with  a burglar alarm. Ankering in Mesalongi / Greek  we had in the morning 2 people in the cockpit - looking to steal something . Now the cockpit is also protected  by alarming sensors - ALL connected to a wireless Alarm system by Olympia for 150€. Aded more devices for  the ruderbilge etc -each for 15-20€ .
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