Servicing The Outhaul Gearbox & Bearings

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Eric on Kimberlite wrote:

"It is easy to remove the vertical shaft from the outhaul.

1 Remove the screw from the arm that goes into the Anderson winch on the
boom outhaul line.

2 Remove the nut and washers from the bottom of the outhaul motor shaft.

3 The only thing that is now holding the shaft in place is the rust on the
shaft and a key, which sits into a keyway in

the gearbox.

4 Use a very long STEEL, not stainless, bolt screw it into the bottom of the
motor shaft.

5 Use a very heavy hammer and drive the shaft up and out of the gearbox.

Fair Winds,


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite"

I have posted two photos to a new folder entitled "Outhaul Service" for
parts reference.

Eric and others who have done this this service, (I have not), I have a
couple of questions and would appreciate some clarifications:

a. To access the shaft do you remove the bottom panel of the gearbox?

b. In step 2 above you mention removing the screws from the bottom of
the "motor shaft". Are you referring to the panel on the bottom of the
gearbox housing that is held in place with 4 screws?

c. In step 4 above you mention the "motor shaft'. The motor shaft is
horizontal is it not? Are you describing here threading the bolt into the
vertical shaft that passes upward (vertically) to the Anderson Winch?

d. What holds the shaft into the Anderson Winch head? Is it pressed

e. Is there a bearing pressed into the boom through which the vertical
shaft passes? If so how difficult is it to remove?

f. What material/metal is the gearbox made of. The paint is completly
flaking off of mine. Is it aluminum or some aluminum aloy? Any
suggestions for re-priming/painting?

Thanks for some clarification as I anticipate doing this service next time
I am on the boat.

Regards, Gary Silver
Amel SM2000 Hull # 335

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