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The pressure with no water i the accumulator is 0.4 bar as Bill said. It pressures up to 3.4 when the tap is turned off. When the tap is running, it drops to 1 bar in about two seconds then the pump kicks in. The pump stops when it reaches about 3 bar, about a other two seconds, and the cycle continues. When the pump is off the pressure at the tap drops right down to a trickle.It almost seems as if ewhen the pump is off the weater is being forced back into the pump ad not out to the tap - at least that is what it seems. Below is a photo of the whole installation:

On the grey plastic box at the bottom there is an adjustment which I believe may be for the pump pressure valve, but I am not sure. I also cannot see how to remove this box.

Below is a close up:

And here is another photo of the system just to make things clear as I am not sure if all Amel 54s have the same arrangement:

I could not see any air valve as referred to by Olivier. However, as I said the pressure is 0.4 when empty of water.


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Hi Paul;

We had the same issue. The source of the problem may be several areas.

First check to make sure the start and stop pressures of the water seem correct. The pump should kick on at about 1.4 bar and should stop at about 2.3 bar. These are approximate and can be changed via the pressure switch mounted on the accumulator tank.

If the turn on and off pressures are correct, then my guess would be that you are losing air pressure in the accumulator tank or the air space in the tank is filled with water, since it is cycling every 3 seconds. The pressure could be lost either from the air inlet connection in the back, the round stainless steel cover in the front or a leak in the accumulator bladder. Try pumping up the air from the back of the tank and see if it helps. My guess is that it won't since you probably have water in the air space in the tank and cannot be pressurized.

All of these are fairly simple to change. The bladder is replaced by removing the front cover, pulling out the existing bladder and putting in a new one, making sure you get a good seal when putting the cover back on. The tire pressure style air inlet in the back has to be piled out from the inside of the tank to replace. Try tightenting the nut in the back first to see if it seals the any potential leaks.

Bottom line I think you will have to pull out the bladder, check for any holes in the bladder, replace with new if necessary and make sure the air inlet in the back of the tank is not leaking.

Let me know how things go and any new info and I may be able to help further.

Mohammad and Aty
AMEL 54 #099
B&B Kokomo

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