Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] outboard weight limit on stern pulpit

Giovanni TESTA

...what a surprise !

Now we are at home, Lido, and the boat at Richard Bay South Africa. On next 7 January we fly back on board. We have days very very busy ....Christmas, spare parts...

Any way it will be great to met you some how: next 23 Dec. h 17.00 at Ca' Sagredo, Santa Sofia,

we ll present a movie about our South Pacific passage from Panama to Australia. Why not ? The palace is very old and has many masterpieces.

Let me know

Gianni & Marina'_Sagredo

MAP CA SAGREDO,12.334373&z=15&ftid=0x0:0x67864cbe906204a3&q=Ca'+Sagredo+Hotel&ved=0ahUKEwig8fmfyvvQAhVEMhoKHRegD8kQ_BIIfjAQ

Il 18/12/2016 02:14, svperegrinus@... [amelyachtowners] ha scritto:

Ciao Giovanni,

Sì, siamo nella Compagnia della Vela a San Giorgio Maggiore da un mese.  E-mail: svperegrinus    

SM2K N. 350
Venice, Italy

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