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I saw your question yesterday, but could not reply because of Internet issues. I was going to suggest that you get Gaetan, or one of his guys to help you.

I have a 2 foot long piece of very small stainless steel chain in my tool box for this job. Bicycle chain works also.

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Problem was solved easily by the riggers, who dropped a thin line weighted with about 15 nuts down from the top of the mast (with some significant jiggling to avoid getting hung up part way) until this line could be seen and fished out of the lower opening with a stiff wire. I have elected to go with 40 meters of continuous halyard rather than the spliced-in-the-middle system.  Less trouble and more secure in the long run, in my opinion.  

I made the halyard a little longer than necessary to be able to lop off the last couple of feet at the head of the sail if I find wear or UV damage where it goes over the Genoa halyard block (thanks for the idea Bill Rouse). The 'extra' line at the base of the mast will get protected from UV damage with a line bag, or something similar.

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