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Mike Ondra

I do have and tried the adjustable wrench. Found it too thick or conflicting with the quadrant. What I did not do is turn the rudder to potentially get the quadrant clear enough so that the wrench wing nut did not conflict. Will try that next time on the boat. By the way, York Design and Fabrication, in Ohio, make stuffing box wrenches up to 2 ¾”. I just need to know the size of the nut.

Mike Ondra

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Bill , I may be wrong , but I think a few months ago you said that you had purchased a suitable wrench at Home Depot or Lowes . I looked in the plumbing dept. and bought the wrench , its flat and adjustable . It looks like it will work perfectly . Mike see if you can't find the wrench at Lowes.

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I don't know the nut size, but the wrench I have used is an adjustable Pack Nut Wrench and adjusts from 1" to 3". It is made by Allied.

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Does anyone have the size for the flat wrench required for the SM plastic rudder post packing nut.

Amazon has - 2-1/4" Shaft Packing Wrench for "Rudder Stuffing Box" – but it seems our nut is larger.


Mike Ondra

Aletes SM#240

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