Re: marina suggestions in New Zealand?

Stephan Regulinski


My wife, two kids and I spent about a year (2004 to 2005) at the
Tauranga Bridge Marina, Tauranga, NZ, aboard our SM2000, "Delos". Our
friends, Chuck, Tab and Family were also there in their
SM2000, "Revelation". We had Delos hauled in the marina and had the
usual work done (bottom paint, minor gel coat repairs, hull polish,
etc.). As usual, I did the bow thruster, sail drive and propellor
servicing. While back in the water we took advantage of the time to
get some other work done: stainless steel work, new bimini, new
upholstery, new carpet, etc.

The Bridge Marina staff are friendly and welcoming and the marina
itself has the usual amenities. It is located close to town (walk,
bike, bus) and has a fine array of boat and support services
(chandleries, welding, rigging, sails, etc.). Since we were staying
for a year, we bought a car at auction for about $3000 US and sold it
a year later for about $2000 US. Used cars are imported from Japan by
the boat load and sold at auction in New Zealand. This is about the
cheapest way to acquire a car and the most convenient way to dispose
of one when you are done.

Tauranga is about two hours by car outside of Aukland and you can take
a puddle jumper from Tauranga airport to Aukland and connect on to the
US or take the shuttle bus. It is a day sail from Aukland to

The marina is located on the river, near the mouth, and has
considerable tidal flow, which is only important when it is time to
dock. It is also the site of a large commercial port, so the entrance
marking is excellent.

Since our kids had been boat schooled for four years and were
interested in attending a "real" school for a change, we enrolled
them in the local schools, which we found to be not only friendly and
welcoming, but academically excellent.

All that said about Tauranga, there are many excellent marinas in New
Zealand, and we have heard good things about many of them.
Interestingly, while we stayed in Aukland itself and knew others who
did the same, no one we know stayed in Aukland long term. Like a lot
of big cities, the rates for the most convenient locations are high,
and the cheap marinas are distant from the very things that would
motivate you to stay in Aukland in the first place. If you want to
visit Aukland, I would recommend that you add it to your sailing
itinerary for a week or two, but plan to keep your boat somewhere else
long term.

Fair winds and following seas,

S/V Delos (SM303)

--- In, "markmpitt" <mark_pitt@...>

My wife and I are currently in Moorea and plan to bring "Sabbatical
III", our Super Maramu, to New Zealand in November. We will return
the States so that I can go back to work for 6 months. We will then
return to New Zealand in May 2008 to take Sabbatical III cruising
again. Can anyone suggest a good place to leave her in New Zealand
where there may be some past experience servicing Amels?

Mark Pitt
"Sabbatical III" ASM #419

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