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Just in case you didn't see my response under Dessalator 60, here it is again :

When my dessalotor 100 failed I called Dessalator in France. They put me in touch with their technician, a South African who lives in Spain. He was a real expert and instantly diagnosed the problem. In fact  the "clutched" wheel on the 24V motor had failed - that's why the system still worked on the 230V motor. The wheel spun both ways - it should only turn one way.

Anyway the technician's phone number is +34 637 89 03 33.

It's well worth giving him a call.....

Tony Robinson - Catriona R Amel 54 #102

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Hi again,

It seems that the problem is that for the 24v motor the solenoid has failed, and for the 220v motor the capacitor has failed. Its seems quite coincidental, andI can only speculate that the problem for both was caused by a blocked pre-filter. I wonder if anyone could confirm?

Thanks and Merry Christmas!
Ya Fohi - Amel 54 #98

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