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Giovanni TESTA

Hi Ian

,,,other solution :

with a strong drill make two little holes ( the seals have a metal stripe in side) at 180° than screw two long screws, little by little, to fix them at the first seal ( than the second,,,).

Than clamp them with a long pliers.( NOT pull them, to hard job, but possible). You have only to exert a lateral leverage on the borders.

Very easy.


Giovanni TESTA


Richard Bay

South Africa

Il 21/12/2016 16:40, 'Bill & Judy Rouse' yahoogroups@... [amelyachtowners] ha scritto:


If you look in the FILES section you will find Wear Bushing and Seal Replacement instructions by Amel. I posted this several months ago.

The instructions in French and English say to use a flat blade screwdriver and pry each seal out one at a time. It does not fully describe what I saw Jean and Franc at Amel Martinique do. I will try to describe what I saw:
Using a flat blade skinny screwdriver with a shaft if 10-12", position the blade end at nine o'clock and the handle end at three o'clock. Push the blade end under the first seal, then using the shaft hub, briskly push forward on the handle end of the screw driver and the seal pops out. There is some art involved because if you push the blade end too far you will scratch the inside wall. Jean and Franc were very careful to smooth the inside wall of the seal cavity so that the outside of the seal would not leak water. They were using 600 sandpaper and a soft cloth, cleaning as much as they sanded.

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