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Stephen Davis


I've always used Gary's excellent instructions, and also the technique of drilling a small hole in the seal and using a screw to extract the seal with no issues. Between Aloha and others I've assisted, I've done the Cdrive service 5 times in the last 3 years. The most difficult extraction was another boat with very old and deteriorated seals, and it was a bit difficult to get the screw to hold. With that said, it was still done in an hour. If there were a seal puller which would extract the deepest seals, I'd use it, but nothing wrong with the screw technique. 

You and Judy enjoy your holiday, and hope to catch up with you guys one of these days. 

Aloha SM72

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My first time I was helped by an "expert mechanic" who knew Amels...NOT!

He had 2 or 3 seal pullers, all of which broke. After about 3 hours the prop was off and another 3 hours and the seals were out.

Before my next haulout I received very well-written procedure from Gary Silver whose Amel knowledge I very much respect. I have used his original instructions since. His instructions call for drilling a small hole in the seal, then screwing a metal screw into the hole and pulling on the metal screw.

So, I was initiated to seal pulling devices by probably the wrong person, who BTW, called himself an expert and charged $90 an hour for 7 hours for a job that takes me about 1-2 hours. It was a great education, but unfortunately I developed certain prejudices from it.

Bill Rouse
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Hi Bill,

Do you have this puller, and how well did it work at pulling your seals out? Seems like an easy solution if it will work in our application.

Steve Davis
Aloha SM 72

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Or...  use a real seal puller... Lisle 58430 Shaft Type Seal Puller: Automotive


Much easier and less likely to damage the seal housing than using screwdrivers or other improvised solutions.

Bill Kinney
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